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Edition 62 - September 2019 

The newsletter of the International Wire & Machinery Association...



WCN from the IWMA provides member companies a perfect platform to promote the latest developments in their business to the international wire industry.

The newsletter is produced in both printed and electronic versions, completely free of charge, and reaches thousands of industry professionals worldwide.

As well as mailing to contacts on the IWMA database, WCN is distributed free at all the leading wire and cable industry trade fairs as well as IWMA technical events.

Preparations are now underway for the next edition, which as well as including member company news will also contain features on the forthcoming wire Düsseldorf exhibition. 

The deadline for submitting editorial for inclusion is 28th October 2019 See below for details on how to submit. 

Wire and Cable News

WCN - Edition 62 - Sept19