08 March 2018

Pourtier (a member of the Gauder Group) to deliver a Rigid Stranding line 130 wires to NKT Germany

Pourtier, a member of the Gauder Group, develops and produces heavy-duty rotating machines for the production of all types of power and control cables. 

With more than 700 Drum Twister, 120 Rigid stranding and Planetary lines commissioned all over the world, Pourtier remains THE leader for machines for the production of Low and Medium voltage cable up to High and Extra-high Voltage Power Cable.           

Pourtier knowhow and worldwide leadership has been recognized by NKT Germany, awarding Pourtier a multimillion € contract for the furniture of a New Rigid Stranding line 130 wires for the production of 3500 mm2 Cu round compacted able and 4000mm2 Al round compacted cables. The Pourtier Rigid Strander line is to be delivered early in 2019.  

The contract has been awarded in Koln Germany in February 2018 and signed in presence of M. Dietmar Müller, NKT Executive Vice President, M. Durst, NKT Category Manager Investments, M. Kumpf, NKT Head of production Engineering, M. Collard, Pourtier CEO, M. David, Pourtier Sales Manager. 

"It is a source of major satisfaction and pride to be involved, together with NKT Germany, in this very interesting still technically challenging project”, declares M. Collard.

Thanks to its successful experience in Sweden and in USA these past years, Pourtier is delivering this project using its strong and unique Knowhow and expertise for the production of this type of cables

 NKT meeting feb 2018 (1)

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