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27 February 2018

PROTON PRODUCTS Releases Its Exciting New DG2200-k Large Diameter Cable, Pipe & Tube Gauge & InteliSENS mini-W Speed & Length Sensor

Proton Products, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control products for the wire and cable industries, will debut its latest product innovations at the International Wire & Cable Trade Fair, Dusseldorf, Germany April 16-20, 2018 in Hall11, Stand D77. These new products include: 

PROTON PRODUCTS new InteliSENS DG2200-K dual axis diameter gauges feature a gate size of 200mm, capable of measuring product diameters from 0.5mm to 180mm. In addition, there is also a new triple axis InteliSENS DG3200-K gauge capable of measuring the same large diameter products. The accuracy of both gauges is ±15 microns with a resolution of 1 micron at a scan rate of 1Khz.

PROTON PRODUCTS InteliSENS SL/SLR 1220 and SL/SLR 3060-W mini Series features a new optical bench that is able to capture 30% more reflected light from the product. This new development recognizes the fact that light reflected from round objects is scattered in contrast to flat objects where it is reflected normally. The SL/SLR 1220-W & 3060-W Series utilizes a larger lens size which significantly improves the signal strength and hence the accuracy, to give superior speed and length cable measurement performance.  

DG2200 K Diameter Gauge Artwork 

In addition, the SL/SRL-W version now has up to 4 independent single ended pulse outputs. These can be configured and combined in a variety of ways to give 2 full differential quadrature outputs where the pulse frequency is independently adjustable.  

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