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22 February 2019

IST Aerospace Materials Research

The Institute of Spring Technology (IST) has recently started a new program of research work, focused on generating material data where there are gaps in knowledge.

The program started last year by looking at the performance improvements gained by nitriding of oil hardened and tempered grades of wire, and is currently planning a second project based on duplex stainless steel (alloy 1.4462).

It has enough collaborators to move forward with this project, but if you are interested to get involved (perhaps you manufacture this grade of wire or want to help coil springs) contact IST’s research metallurgist Conor McCaughey at

While these two projects progress, IST is at the early planning stage for the next stage.

IST receives regular requests for performance data for the more exotic alloys used in the aerospace and other demanding industries. It has  some data, but does not feel it is rigorous enough to publish in its software to high confidence levels.

If you are interested in helping IST by providing wire or coiling springs (or if you have any existing springs that could be tested), please do get in touch with Conor. Even registering your interest to tell IST which alloys are of most interest could help decide which order to test.

The wires that IST has identified so far are:

  • Inconel 718 – Precipitation Hardened
  • Inconel X750 – Triple heat treated and spring temper
  • Nimonic 90 – hard drawn and solution annealed
  • Titanium 6-4 (ASM 4928)
  • Titanium Beta-C
  • Hastalloy C276
  • MP35N
  • K Monel

Conor looks forward to hearing from you.

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