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05 December 2017

WCISA Winners Announced

The Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association has announced more scholarship winners than ever in response to record 2017 applications. 

As well as multiple scholarships, the WCISA board also made contributions to special scholarships for a programme organised by the International Cable Connectivity Symposium (

The WCISA high school scholarship winners are: Alexa Brooks and Katherine Rosivach, who each receive $1000; Jason Long ($750) and Thomas Csisztu and Nina D'Amato, who each receive $500. 

The WCISA’s employee and intern scholarship winners are Thomas Anderson and Eric Damm, who each receive $1000, Austin Clark and Ric Rosenhagen (both $750) and Jordan Beason ($500)

All the winners are allied to WCISA member companies as interns or employees, or as relatives of employees. The awards will be used towards education expenses. This year the WCISA has also awarded special scholarships, notably $3,000 each to the IWCS wire and cable Industry student scholarship funds at the Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute and Georgia Tech University. 

Both awards will help research into copper and aluminium wiring, polymer coatings, optical fibres and fibre optic cables. 

WCISA offers three types of scholarships – to high school graduates who have a parent or grandparent working at a WCISA member company; to employees and interns at WCISA member-companies, and the special scholarships, awarded case by case.

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