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Aspstrasse 6
CH-8154 Oberglatt

Tel: +41 44 852 8080
Fax: +41 44 850 6006
Email: info@fms-technology.com
Website: www.fms-technology.com

Product quality assurance and repeatability of processes are very important topics in the industry. Having provided the RTM X42 Telemetry Systems for strand tension monitoring & control for decades, FMS is experiencing a steady increase in demand for reliable and robust tension monitoring and control solutions.

FMS have continuously optimized their system solutions over the years to a level where they can now offer benefits for OEMs, producers and end customers. Another important topic, especially for aged bunchers/twisters, is the operational safety of stranding machines. The reliable transmission of safety-related signals from the rotating to the static part of the machine is essential to maintain a safe work environment for your employees. Our simple RTM MP Telemetry System is designed exactly for this task.