09 July 2018

IWMA welcomes new member Peddington Lubricants & Coatings Pvt. Ltd

We are very pleased to welcome Peddington Lubricants & Coatings Pvt. Ltd based in India to the IWMA. 

The Peddington Group, founded in 1961 by Mr. D.T. Mahajan, has been the pioneer and market leader in the field of Wire Drawing Lubricants and Coating Compounds in India.

Our factories, which are located in Daman, Dombivli and Khopoli, are equipped with state of the art machines and ultra modern facilities. We are a one-stop shop that offers complete solutions ranging from pre-treatment chemicals to wire drawing lubricants.

Since its inception, the Peddington Group has excelled in providing quality products to over 40 countries and has received the best supplier award from Tata Steel.

They believe that customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our qualified team works with customers in order to achieve maximum growth.

For contact information please visit the Peddington Group page of the online IWMA members directory.

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