13 August 2018

IWMA welcomes new member Kabel.Consult.Ing

We are very pleased to welcome Kabel.Consult.Ing as a member of the IWMA. 

German firm Kabel.Consult.Ing provides engineering services comprising customer-specific consultation, design, development, and calculation of technical systems and machines. Using cutting edge technologies and an individualized approach, Kabel.Consult.Ing supports companies as they plan new machines and production lines, including auxiliary and secondary facilities. The firm also delivers needs-based support in the form of development and design services as well as assistance with capacity bottlenecks and special projects. Reinforced with several patent-applied efficient drive systems, the firm offers engineering services at a high technical level.

Their "Energy-light" drive system has been awarded (on June 6, 2018) the German Innovation Award for 2018 by the German Design Council. This makes Kabel.Consult.Ing the first recipient of the award, which recognizes products and solutions from multiple industries. Recipients are primarily affected by their user orientation and greater benefits over existing options.

For contact information please visit the Kabel.Consult.Ing page of the online IWMA members directory.

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